3 Red-Hot Tech Startups You Must See

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The world of tech moves fast.

Investors ahead of the curve are the ones who make big money first.

To do so, you should consider your tech startup options.

At any given moment a small, private company working on incredible tech innovations could blast into the spotlight to become the next Amazon, Microsoft or Apple.

Today I want to share three offering great promise.

You’ll want to keep a close watch on these companies over the coming months.

Autonomous Farming for All

Driverless cars steal the headlines.

But while engineers figure out how to keep cars from hitting pedestrians, an entirely new way to apply this tech has slipped under the radar.

Enter Bear Flag Robotics.

Bear Flag builds self-driving tractors for big agriculture.

Using GPS and other advanced navigation systems, operators can increase productivity, reduce costs to farmers and improve job quality.

According to TechCrunch, Bear Flag claims its tractors “reduce [cost] input by 20% and increase production yield by 11%.”

Margins are tighter than ever in agriculture. An 11% increase in production while reducing costs by 20% is a game-changer.

And with a cheap $4,000 price tag you can bet Bear Flag’s tractors will soon be a must on all farms.

Ever Increasing Interconnectivity

We’ve seen an unprecedented rise in the amount of Internet of Things (IoT) devices over the past year.

The need to keep all these devices working with each other has never been more important.

Because even a small break in the IoT chain could have disastrous consequences.

That’s where OptimalPlus comes in. The company is a big data analytics firm working to reduce IoT failures.

According to Forbes: “The platform offers electronics and semiconductor manufacturers deep product analytics and actionable insights that improve quality and reliability by reducing defective parts per million.”

Qualcomm and Nvidia already use OptimalPlus’ services. And according to Crunchbase, the company has raised $72 million in funding.

As the need for IoT solutions increases you can bet this will be a great player to watch in the IoT space.

No Security Like Cybersecurity

According to an Accenture industry report, there are on average 130 successful breaches each year costing over $11 million.

Even more troublesome is that this amount is expected to rise by 27.4% next year.

It’s clear. We need better cybersecurity.

Duo Security is a company specializing in business networks, providing two-factor authentication apps and advanced password management.

The company’s client list is impressive and includes big names like Etsy, Facebook and Yelp.

And now Duo has reached unicorn status according to VentureBeat, with more than $70 million in funding.

CTO and Co-Founder Jon Oberheid notes on the Duo Security’s website:

“The industry needs to change the way it looks at security. We need to make the process simpler, smarter and more secure. Period.”

The company has their work cut out for them. But cybersecurity needs are growing at an exponential rate. Duo Security looks like it has the chops to do it.

There you have it. Three red-hot startups you must keep an eye on this year.

Of course, not all startups make it.

But our must-watch companies exhibit ground-breaking ideas with practical applications.

They have strong financing and operations plans that look far into the future.

If you’re not keeping tabs on these names, you’ll want to start doing so today.