7 Best Personal Finance Apps to Help Manage Your Money

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Keeping track of finances has become so convenient today on your smartphone or computer, thanks to personal finance apps and software. Whether you’re budgeting or investing, you can manage money like having a personal adviser at your fingertips.

Many people use their phones throughout the day or check out resources online. While doing that they can also have peace of mind through financial apps that provide tools for up-to-date decisions.

Here’s a look at seven of the best personal finance apps to keep your financial situation sound:

  • PocketGuard — The Android and iOS account tracking and budget management app sorts purchases, bill payments, and subscriptions. It links to bank and card accounts with encrypted connections. It allows you to view accounts and transactions while letting you know how much you have to spend, according to Tom’s Guide.
  • Personal Capital — The financial software app provides a dashboard with tools for investments and expense tracking. Users have updated information for the latest on financial accounts in one page, reports Jim Wang in Wallet Hacks. You can also contact a financial adviser.
  • Mint — A free app for budgeting and managing money, Mint lets you know when bills are due and sends reminders. You can find out what you owe and what you can pay. The app utilizes your spending habits for specific advice.
  • LearnVest — The app is for those who are looking for budgeting and have significant investments. Investing and financial planning tools are available. The premium plan has upfront costs and monthly subscription rates but offers planning, an adviser, and more tools.
  • You Need a Budget — YNAB helps you to stay within your financial means and offers how best to balance a budget. It has a small monthly or annual fee, but the services include an “accountability partner” and support. YNAB even has online classes with a live instructor to keep your budget in line, even helping to pay off debt, notes Investopedia.
  • Wally — It was named the “best app for tracking expenses” by Investopedia. You can take photos of your receipts instead of inputting expenses. The free app keeps personal expenses organized in an easy-to-use manner.
  • GoodBudget — The app for Android or iPhone is a unique budgeting system that uses an envelope method, according to GottaBeMobile. It’s like having a stack of envelopes, only digital, on all devices. You know when to make payments and save through financial planning. Choose from a free app or small subscription rate for more services.