How do you find good bargains in a stock market that’s already the most expensive since the bubble? Goldman Sachs has some ideas.

The bank says the key is to find companies that not only offer compelling cases for future gains, but are also under-owned by fund managers and generally underappreciated by the investment population.

In order to single out the stocks with the most upside potential, the equity strategy team at Goldman picked companies meeting the following three qualifications:

  • Active share across large-cap mutual funds that’s below the S&P 500 median of 7 basis points
  • Active share that’s at or below its five-year average of 7 basis points
  • A buy rating with Goldman equity analysts

The resulting group of stocks has higher expected sales and earnings growth than the median S&P 500 company, while also boasting a lower price-earnings multiple.

Here’s a list of the 14 stocks identified by Goldman, as of March 31, arranged in descending order of active mutual fund share:

14. L3 Technologies