Morgan Stanley has released a list of stocks its analysts think could outperform markets regardless of what may happen to upset economic conditions.

These “secular growth stocks,” as the bank calls its eighth annual report, out Wednesday, are companies in which the bank’s analyst are bullish and see an upside beyond the usual business cycle.

“While our US Equity Strategy team has remained positive on an equity market they believe is ‘Classic Late Cycle,’ for some long-term investors, it may make sense to focus not on the cycle, but through the cycle,” the bank said. “Indeed, Morgan Stanley Research has long focused on identifying multi-year secular trends — powerful long-term drivers that can reshape or disrupt economies, sectors, and business models.”

To compile the list, Morgan Stanley screened the thousands of stocks generated revenue growth for the past three years. It then focused on those rated overweight or equal weight by its analysts to find which had a three-year compound-annual-growth-rate forecast of at least 15% for earnings per share and 10% for revenue.

Here are the 16 stocks that could see revenue with a CAGR of more than 20% through 2019: